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Amanda Kunkel Universe Liaison


I effortlessly connect to The Universe (Angel Spirit, God, Goddess) to hand powerful and influential women the direct path to 7+ Figures. I provide support and energy transformation shifts to collapse time and MOVE my clients into 7+ Figures.

As high-achievers, mostly women and they seek me out because they desire to deepen into their own BEING, activate their own intuition, open their awareness and expand their existence.

They are ready to embark on a dimensional energy shift away from doing into BEING. They hear their spirit calling loud and clear to step into their deepest and most authentic self.


My methods vary depending on client.  But it is a mixture of speaking on behalf of The Universe, direct channeling, and energetic work done from The Universe through my vocal cords.


I am located in central Pennsylvania, USA. Feel free to contact me through the above contact information

Amanda Kunkel Universe Liaison



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