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Carol Azams - Author/Publisher/Broadcaster & Founder: EVERYWOMAN TV

Every business has a story, with a persevering entrepreneur behind it and the world want to hear yours. EveryWoman TV  provides a great opportunity to tell the world all about you and give a full background on who you are, what you do, and what services & product you have to offer. So, let's talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers, and how you stand out from the crowd.

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   OUR STORY     

The story is a long one but let's keep it short & sweet for now. The idea for this new & innovative channel wasn't a long and pre-conceived one, but it was a beautiful outcome from the many trials & errors that we been through while setting up our major multicultural channel - Diversity Television and by the time we were finished setting up DTV in later part of 2019, the idea for EVERYWOMAN TV emerged and we began the process of birthing EWTV. Now in 2022, as the world prepares to reopen and beging the recovery from Coronavirus epidemic, EWTV Channel opens for business.


However, back in early 2019 there was a plan to begin broadcasting EVERYWOMAN Radio Show on the platform of Diversity Radio Ireland, an original idea which on its own stems from a previous women's magazine of the same title with its first edition  published in 2009 by our sister company Skyline Publishers in Dublin - Republic of Ireland, with the same aims of reaching out to women through sharing stories of human interest to inspire & motivate each other from wherever they are in the world.


The Caption for the magazine 'Celebrating Womanhood' is rightly what we hoped to carry forward throughout our programming with the radio show. Unfortunately, the radio show didn't take-off as planned. It was to be hosted by Carol Azams, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and Founder of Diversity Media Communications which houses all our businesses.  However, we now have a TV channel to fulfill those aims in that effect and we hope to ressurect the mag in the near future.


Carol Azams wishes to use her EVERYWOMAN TV channel as a platform for the benefit of women from all corners of the world and from all walks of life who desires to have their very own talk-shows on  a television channel.

Typically, as a platform for women, talk-shows on EWTV channel would be run by women, however, guests are not limited to women only. Show owners/Hosts can interview both men & women; that it is entirely up to them to invite who to bring on their shows to discuss on  topics they care about as long as contents are clean and legitimate, and serve the need of the viewers.


Carol Azams is forward thinking and is someone who likes to see the positives in all situations.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, she spent her entire time in lockdown interviewing people on her show 'THE CAROL AZAMS SHOW' and writing to women across the world and getting their stories published about their personal experiences in lockdown. Carol has now published more than 500 women in 6 Anthologies books & more under her own imprint Skyline Publishers. Read more about her Lockdown Series here

You can also Watch episodes of her show here


Click HERE to see the Premiere edition on Magcloud.

(published, 2009)


EVERYWOMAN Magazine has finally made a comeback!

More details coming soon.

Our Story Belongs to Us  ... So, let  us continue to share to Educate, Inspire, Empower, or simply Celebrate and  Promote Each Other's  Wins & Expertise.  You, are the Expert in your field, so  why not join  in today and   engage with each other -  Woman  to Woman!

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