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Jennifer Fedus is the Founder of 123 Momsquad, a community of empowered moms who support each other through daily family life and the struggles of chronic illness. Herself a mother of two, Jennifer is a chronic illness warrior and survivor, and established the group to help connect and empower women facing the challenges of living with chronic pain while balancing the demands of motherhood.

After more than 20 years of gripping chronic fatigue, surgeries, pain and hospital visits, Jennifer decided it was time to make her health a priority and started to truly manage her symptoms. When she saw how the benefits of better health management created a positive waterfall effect across all aspects of her life, she realized she had tapped into something that could invigorate and help other moms who were struggling.

Jennifer hosts the 123 Momsquad podcast, available on the website and all major podcast outlets, and produces the 123 Momsquad newsletter, which features fabulous and empowering weekly emails. Passionate about helping others, she offers support to all of the moms and women out there suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain. Working closely with her private clients, Jennifer guides each one through the empowerment of their minds and bodies, so that they may do amazing things and find the joy in their lives, again.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Jennifer Fedus credits her success to dedication, drive and perseverance.

You can connect with Jennifer on the details provided in the coxes above, and several social media outlets as "123momsquad"


Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus



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