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Create & Broadcast Your

Own TV Channel



A TV Channel Just for Women like you!

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1. Register Your Channel

Sign up for a free account. Create your first TV channel. Celebrate! You are a broadcaster now.

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2. Add Video Content

Search for favorite videos directly on Strimm. Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or from your own server.

3. Broadcast, Watch & Share

Broadcast & watch it on Strimm for free, along with thousands of other TV channels. Embed it on your own website to grow your business.

Poppins is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Easily differentiate yourself from your competition. Create your own live TV channel with Strimm's proprietary application and stream TV from your own website. Get the best package for your business from the options below.
All monthly packages come with cancel-anytime terms.

Create & Broadcast Your

Own TV Channel

  • Use 'As Seen On' badges for the various authority sites you will get published on

Good for bloggers with a website.

Good for non-profits. More channels. Basic monetization opportunity.

Great for anyone. The superior plan with a white-label option, custom branding, and an access to API.

Everything + ROKU APP. All Profesional plan options, X4 more channels & white-label ROKU SDK app.





Monthly  Annual 

Monthly  Annual 

Monthly  Annual 

Monthly  Annual 

Do I need to sign up for free Strimm account before subscription?

Yes. Please sign up. It’s free and will take just a minute.

Can I upload videos directly from my computer?

To avoid charging you for expensive bandwidth fees, this option is not supported. Instead, you can use an unlimited broadcast using many options, like your own server with CDN or videos located on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitch or Streamable.

What if I need more channels than in the subscription plan?

Feel free to purchase as many subscriptions as you need and create your own TV emprire!

Do I need to supply a payment information for a Free Trial?

Yes. The Free Trial is a fully-featured subscription. To avoid hassles of re-subscribing for an active subscription, the payment will automatically start at the end of free trial. Please make sure to apply your active PayPal account or a valid credit card to avoid service interruption.

Strimm is a FREE video platform, which gives everyone the opportunity to become a producer of their very own online TV channel. With Strimm, users can quickly and easily create a continuous 24/7 broadcast with content they choose from their own videos or their favorites from the web. Introducing an entirely new way to reach your audience, gain new fans, and produce a channel you love. Share your channel, connect with others, post messages, collaborate with talented producers and viewers, and watch something new every day. The possibilities are endless with Strimm.

Transform your daily visitors into fans. Add a TV channel to your website! Strimm’s goal is to assist businesses and organizations in engaging first-time visitors that come to their site and turning them into repeat users. Our platform empowers you to entertain, educate and engage your audience with your own custom 24/7 streaming channel. Doctors can create channels about wellness and healthy living; clothing boutiques can make fashion channels; restaurants of all kinds can make food and culture-related channels. There is virtually limitless possibility to find a niche-related topic.
Strimm allows for easy channel embedding on any site. While all the behind the scenes scheduling work can be done directly on the Strimm platform, the channel can broadcast directly on your site. Promote your products and services to your customers by adding your own videos and commercials into the channel programming.
Entertain and engage your community and keep your visitors coming back.

Add Videos

Adding content and scheduling your broadcasts couldn't be easier. Say goodbye to long upload and download times. We have created a quick and simple way to resource a virtually unlimited selection of content from the top video providers on the web. In seconds, your channel will be populated with content of your choice.

 Your content can be original or borrowed. It’s completely up to you! Just remember, millions are watching and it’s your time to shine. After scheduling your broadcast, be sure to promote your channel on your favorite social media sites. Let the world know about you. Stay tuned for new features like live broadcasting and video conferencing from anywhere in the world on any device. We can’t wait to be a part of your success.

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1. Fee of $99 entitles you to submit 1 episode a month for 12 months

Create Your TV Channel. Tell Your Story.

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You want to grow your audience and sell more books... without spending a ton of money on ads or spending all day on social media.

TV Channel in any category


1 Show Monthly payment



(30 mins max)

2 Shows Monthly payment



(30 mins max)

4 Shows Monthly payment

$ 425


(30 mins max)


Package Description

2. Fee of $249 entitles you to submit 2 episodes a month for 12 months
3. Fee of $425 entitles you to submit 4 episodes a month for 12 months