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WELCOME TO EVERYWOMAN TV'S GLOBAL AWARDS - Unlike most Awards, the EveryWoman TV's Awards brand is not your usual judging and voting type of Awards.  Instead, EWTV's Awards aims to create an all inclusive awards system that value all women, regardless of who they are, where they come from and what they look like.  We are on a mission to change the belief women will be celebrated only when they attain or reach certain societal expectations and heireachical standards. 

The EveryWoman TV's Global Awards are designed  as Celebrative  Awards to recognise and honour Women around the globe from all walks of life for their strenght and resilience.

It is therefore aimed not only at the women business owners  but creating opportunities that gives credence to the hardwork and contributions of women in all speheres of public, community and personal life.


These include women who have achieved success with their business, those striving to succeed and those who have taken the bold  steps to start a new business. The Awards will celebrate women who are public office holders, homemakers who are the backbone of society and oil that keeps every family going forward, and Change-makers who are making meaningful contribution in their communities and they use their ideas to serve as a blessing and insipiration to other women and young girls. to other women and young girls

Regardless to the fact that women wear many hats and  flow differently, when we come together with genuine intentions we can create equal  opportunities for women everywhere to be celebrated without being sidelined for whatever reason and excuses. 


The EveryWoman TV's Global Awards is a Glidz and Glamour event without the Competition. Nominations are made simple and entries to be reviewed by a panel to make sure the information recievd satisfy activities within the categories that they're entered into.

All nominees fully entered into each categories will be declared winners deserving of recognition for their incredible strenghts and hardwork shown in running their businesses and achieving sucess or leading their personal lives and making things better for others in their communities.

We sincerely invite you to not only nominate others, we encourage you to put yourself forward  and

be in the spotlight and be Celebrated with an award at the EveryWoman TV’s  Global Awards ceremony.


  • Empower  women, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexuality or ability

  • Promote gender equality and encourage respect for all cultures and beliefs

  • Raise awareness against bias and support equal opportunities for all women


We will use this as a platform for women to share their stories, grow their business and increase brand visibility.

and inspire others to achieve more

 lift each other up and make the world a better place.

Our goal is to launch a new annual award, with three prizes given to political figures who demonstrate different aspects of civility:

1.     Politician of the Year

2.     Bridge-Builders of the Year

3.     Campaigner of the Year


Entry is Easy - No minimum score requirement  to be eligible for an award



As a winner, you will receive two tickets to the exclusive awards ceremony in Berlin. During the gala dinner, the »Best of Best« awards will be presented on stage, as well as the personality award of the year.

Polaris Awards offers campaign teams, communication professionals, strategists, and technologists working across political and public communication an opportunity to showcase their work, be recognized for their innovation, and raise the bar for the global industry.


Fully complete the entry form and pay entry fees.

 Multiple entries are allowed and each may be entered into different categories.  ( make sure you submit a separate form for each entry and ensure the information  matches the criteria.)you can enter as many as you like.  (Enter 3, get one free)


Confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge receipt of all entries that are correctly and successfully submitted through the Website. 

Click the link at the bottom of this page to access the online entry form and enter from this website:  You will be able to pay for your Entry on the same page. 



The EVERYWOMAN TV GLOBAL Awards categories are open to all women across all public and business sectors,  including sports, domestic and  communities across the globe.

All persons entered into the awards be 18 years and over, with the exception of a you girl shown to be a positive role model, in which case permmision statement must be sought from guardian or parents and included in the application form, or provided via email.



Who can nominate?

Nominations can be entered by anyone, including friends, family, co-workers, companies and organisations including political organisations, agencies.etc.  However, women can enter themselves to receive an award/awards. (fees must accompany each entry for each category)




The entry fee is £69.00, which covers admin and other expenses required in producing the awards including overhead, venue, etc. Payment of the entry fee for each submission must be during the online entry process on the Website. All payments will be processed securely via PAYPAL.

Refund Policy: The entry fee is non-refundable once a submission has been made through the Website and successfully received by the Awards Team. 

Anyone/organisation submitting 3 entries will receive an additional FREE entry into a category of your choice.  Make sure you submit all 4 entries in one session to receive your free submissions!


Tickets: Your Entry fee includes a free ticket to attend the awards ceremony, either in-person or virtually.


Awards Certificate

We provide the winners or winning team with one certificate and one physical award to those physically present at the awards ceremony. For those winners that couldn't be  present physically and those joining virtually will receive their awards and certificate of winning via courier. 


Entry fees  do not cover the cost of sending your physical trophy to you in your country of residence. There would be an additional cost for courier, and an amount would depend on where you are in your part of the world. ( We will have more information on shipping your physical trophy once we have an accurate figure with the courier company.


You will be informed by e-mail about the results of the judging in mid-March. All winners will be invited to the German Brand Awards ceremony and the German Brand Convention in June 2023.
We wish you much success!



  • All entries  should relate to work undertaken and show evidence why they should win the category/ies that they are entered into, therefore category selection  carefully. If the category that best describes your business or what you do is not listed, let us know and we can add it to the list on our website, you may include the details in your entry form  provided you mark it " on new listing" and we'll take note.


  • Entry Stories must not exceed 750 words for each category. The word count does not include your personal information and contact details.

  • Please ensure you fill out a separate entry form each entry submission if you would like to enter into more than one category. (You may also email your entry to us in Word Doc/PDF to

  • DEADLINE: Enter from Monday 6 February to 30th. of March - Entries submitted after the deadline Friday, February 24, 2023 will not be accepted but you may be charged a portion of admin fees.

  • All entries must be paid for at the time of submission. If a nomination is sent without payment confirmation your entry may be classed as void and therefore not acknowledged.

  • Please ensure you read the terms and conditions before submitting an entry.

CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS AT THE AWARD CEREMONYAs a winner, you will receive two tickets to the exclusive awards ceremony in Berlin. During the gala dinner, the »Best of Best« awards will be presented on stage, as well as the personality award of the year.




  • All submitted materials are confidential and will not be shared or discussed with anyone outside of the review panel ahead of the ceremony or thereafter. We will not share entries with anyone unless if this is agreed beforehand or except for promotional purposes.

  • Winning case studies may be used in post-event materials to promote best practice and permission will be sought from entrants before publishing these, for instance if we decide to use such materials for inclusion in an exclusive  Award Winners book to be published in the future.


The Global Business Tech Awards are brought to you by Don’t Panic, specialist international award organizers. The robust, two step judging process, undertaken by experts in the field of Business Technology ensures that the very best in the industry are recognised for their innovation, creativity and hard work.

Marketing opportunities begin from the moment you submit your entry – press releases, blogs, social media announcements, connection with other nominees and use of the official logo can be utilised with great effect, and if you shortlist or win you can do it all again with a new and improved badge of honour.


Benefits to Companies and Individuals

  • Globally recognised awards are the ultimate prize

  • Award accolades are the most cost-effective form of marketing, as above

  • Recognition and reward from industry peers and experts across the world

  • Awards attract new business and new talent and lead to trust and growth

  • Awards prove your ability and authenticate your brilliance

  • Awards are for everyone, no matter how big or small, winning is about creativity, innovation and ROI

  • Healthy competition is good for motivation and business goals and growth

  • The award writing process provides opportunity for reflection and benchmarking

  • Virtual events are an opportunity for fun and frivolity, team bonding and an all-round good time

  • Judges feedback post-event will help improve future performance



What are the benefits of participating and being named to a Top Workplaces list?

  • Your company will be recognized in a special edition of the partner publication and receive an online profile on

  • Becoming a Top Workplace is a great way to attract and retain the best talent

  • Your company can use the Top Workplaces logo on company materials and websites to help spread the word about your work environment

Energage assesses your ‘organizational health’. Our research shows that the core elements of organizational health are what employees value most in the workplace and that organizations with high levels of organizational health outperform their peers. To find out more read the program overview.



Each award-winning project or brand is presented in our online gallery at, including a link to the company website. Winners are permanently present here with their submission - beyond the award ceremony.

»Gold« and »Best of Best« winners also receive an award trophy - a real highlight for your company foyer, for example. »Best of Best« trophies are handed over exclusively on stage during the show.

»Gold« and »Best of Best« award winners are provided with a short statement by the jury about their award. This is published in the online gallery next to the entry and is ideal for your own communication.

All award winners receive individual clips for a brief presentation of the award-winning project or brand. These are optimized for the LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram formats.

By entering these Awards you can showcase your best work and get the recognition you and your team deserve. 


The Awards are open to all organisations, regardless of sector or size and we welcome entries from International organisations. You do not have to be a CIPD member to enter. There are 24 categories to choose from, which address the areas impacting the people profession today and are based on the shared values and standards in the CIPD Profession map. We encourage entries to reflect the CIPD professional principles by demonstrating that work matters, people matter and professionalism matters. all sises

2023 Entries are now open


By entering these Awards you can showcase your best work and get the recognition you and your team deserve. Give someone the best possible chance of receiving recognition for their hard work and achievements or help your business win the awards it deserves. Complete the form or call us for a free assessment of your chances of success.

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