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Would you like to sponsor The EVERYWOMAN TV GLOBAL Awards 2023?

A credible opportunity to support and share in our vision to raise the profiles of hardworking and enterprising women, and be a part of an event that’s  celebrating women and their impact in their communities and the business world.

the CIPD People Management Awards offers you the chance to promote your products and services to our audience. Build your brand at our premier events, whether in person or digitally, in our marketing campaigns as well as on the Awards website.

We only have a limited number of packages and are priced to suit any budget.

  • Headline sponsor 

  • Gold sponsor 

  • Dinner sponsor

  • Awards category sponsor 

Interesting in finding out more?

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Award Sponsorship

The Award Sponsorship package will give your Company or Brand nationwide exposure in advertising for the Good Small Business Awards and showcased with the Award category of your choice at our prestigious Awards gala event. Benefits include:

  • Logo placement on website, social media and all other marketing items as “Award Sponsor of the Good Small Business Awards”

  • Logo placement and brand promotion alongside the Award sponsored in the Good Small Business Awards event programme as “Award Sponsor”

  • Logo on Award sponsored

  • Professional photo opportunity with winner of Award sponsored

Benefits include:

  • Company or Brand Logo recognition on the front cover and throughout the Good Small Business Awards event programmes:

  • Logo placement on website and in the event programme as “The Good Small Business Awards Event Programme Sponsor”

  • Full page advertising on the back page of event programme

Benefits include:

  • Company or Brand Logo recognition on the front cover and throughout the Good Small Business Awards event programmes:

  • Logo placement on website and in the event programme as “The Good Small Business Awards Event Programme Sponsor”

  • Full page advertising on the back page of event programme

Celebrating, amplifying & connecting global women and minority genders in voice technology

  • promote gender equality

  • support equal opportunities for all women

ollow five simple steps to enter and be in the running for an IWFM Impact Award:

  1. Review and select the categories you wish to enter

  2. Download your entry form(s)

  3. Prepare your entries

  4. Start your online entry registration – upload your entry form, supporting document and photographs

  5. Select finish to submit your entry. Good luck!

Organisation categories

The fee to enter is £250+VAT per entry per organisation award.

Organisation categories

The fee to enter is £250+VAT per entry per organisation award.

  • Workplace Experience: Office/Corporate Environment

  • Workplace Experience: Non-office/Corporate Environment

  • Excellence in Customer Experience

  • Change Management

  • Positive Climate Action: Small Organisation (<250 employees) 

  • Positive Climate Action: Large Organisation (>250 employees) 

  • Social Value

  • Wellbeing

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

  • People Development and Talent Retention

  • Product or Service Development

  • Technology

  • Collaboration

  • Best SME Led Innovation 

People categories 

  • Team of the Year: Public or Third Sector (the fee to enter is £250+VAT per entry)

  • Team of the Year: Private Sector (the fee to enter is £250+VAT per entry)

  • IWFM Newcomer of the Year (free to enter/nominate)

  • IWFM Manager of the Year (free to enter/nominate)

  • IWFM Leader of the Year (free to enter/nominate)

  • Outstanding Contribution to Workplace and Facilities Management (free to nominate)

  • Frontline Heroes (free to nominate)

Terms and Conditions of entry

Entry tips


One of the benefits of attending a women in tech conference is that it can provide attendees with role models. Seeing successful women in tech can inspire other women to pursue careers in tech, and it can help them feel like they belong in the industry. Role models can also help show women that there are opportunities for them in the tech industry, and that they can be successful in it.

Being a role model for other companies to support women in tech is important too. By sponsoring a women in tech conference, you can set an example for other companies and show them that it's important to support women in the tech industry. This can help create more awareness of the issue of gender diversity in tech, and it can also help encourage other companies to support women in tech as well.

The Benefits of Sponsoring a Women in Tech Conference

Increasing your brand's visibility within the tech industry

When you sponsor a women in tech conference, your company's name and logo will be visible to all of the attendees. This can help increase your brand's visibility, and it can also help you reach new potential customers or clients. When you sponsor a women in tech conference, you're not only increasing your brand's visibility, but you're also building your brand. Sponsoring an event like this shows that you support and care about the women in tech community. If you're looking for a way to get your company's name out there and build your brand, sponsoring a women in tech conference is a great option.

Developing your company's reputation and attracting top talent to your company

By sponsoring a women in tech conference, you can help develop your company's reputation. Your company will be seen as supportive and inclusive for women in tech, and this can help attract new employees. In today's job market, more and more people are looking for companies that share their values. By sponsoring a women in tech conference, you can show potential employees that your company is the kind of place they would want to work. In addition, sponsoring an event like this can also help retain the talent that you already have. If your company is known for supporting women in tech, your female employees will be more likely to stay with your company and recommend it to others.

Supporting the women in tech community and the mission to increase diversity in tech

Finally, sponsoring a women in tech conference is a great way to support gender diversity in the tech industry. By supporting an event that promotes and celebrates women in tech, you're helping to create a more inclusive environment for everyone. This is not only good for the women in tech community, but it's also good for the tech industry as a whole.

Reasons to be a Sponsor

An event sponsorship is a win-win partnership. The contributor will give cash or an incentive in exchange for both visibility and brand awareness for an event. Sponsored events create amazing visibility to any brand.

Place your brand in front of millions. From press releases, to email blasts and newsletters, social media campaigns, print and digital ad placements. Companies, public figures and venue owners can partner with us in various event opportunities.

Some examples include: Launch parties, Charity Fundraising, Book Signing and Magazine Contests. To get more information about sponsoring an event, send email to:

Event sponsorship also gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness, boost your image and gain media exposure. Increase the audience you already have and gain new followers, clients, customers and business. Are you interested in being a sponsor? Here are the different types of sponsors:

Media Sponsors - help to promote an event through paid advertisement or agree to promote the event through their social media channels, post on their blog/vlog or write an article in exchange for sponsorship benefits.

Cash and Financial Sponsors - sponsors who give money to an event in exchange for benefits outlined in a sponsorship agreement. This may include- promotions, promotional materials and keynote speeches.

In-Kind Sponsors - This type of sponsor offers products and services rather than cash. Examples: hotels, venues and businesses.

Promotional Partners - these consist of public figures, professional athletes, bloggers and celebrities who have a lot of followers and can help promote an event to their own fan base.

Regardless of the type of sponsorship, sponsoring an event is a fantastic marketing and promotions tool to generate additional visibility to any brand. It's also a great deal of fun! Email:

 Making the most of your win

We encourage all shortlisted entries and winners to publicly announce their success in the Awards independently. Announcements via company websites, social media, publicly released press releases, and through the local and national press are all great ways of maximising the exposure which can be gained from such an amazing achievement.

If you need further advice, on how to gain maximum exposure from your win, please feel free to get in touch.

We reserve the right to;
  • withdraw a category at any time

  • extend the entry deadline

  • change the Awards dinner date

  • change some tickets to online (to meet COVID restriction requirements)

Contact us at if you have any queries about the entry process.

Benefits of Corporate Membership
• Invitations for 50 plus networking events and briefings
• Access to the membership for an unlimited number of contacts
• Multiple news article in Dublin Chamber’s weekly Newsletter 
• Featured in the Digital Membership Directory on the Dublin Chamber website
• Feature in Business Ireland magazine New Members Directory
• Access to roundtable discussions and business surveys
• Discount rates for Dublin Chamber's Consular and Room Hire services

What to include in your nomination

Be sure to tell us exactly how your nominee meets this criteria:

  • Impact: Explain how their volunteering has made a difference within the past five years.

  • Initiative: Explain how your nominee has shown initiative and creativity which makes them stand-out within the last five years?

  • Inspiration: Give examples of ways they have inspired or been a role model to others within the past five years.

  • Involvement: Frequency and duration of volunteering.

You will need to match your nominee as closely as you can to one of these categories:

  • Supporting older people 

  • Supporting young people and children 

  • Crisis and welfare 

  • Community 

  • Sports, culture and heritage

  • Health and care

  • Sustainability and the environment 

  • Animal welfare 

Don’t worry if none of these are a perfect match or if the nominee volunteers in a number of different areas, please choose the category most suitable for most of the voluntary work that they do. There is an opportunity for you to discuss additional voluntary work that they may do in the ‘Tell us what they have done as a volunteer in the last five years’ section of the nomination form but please keep to the word limit. Top Tip! Prepare your answers in advance on paper or Word document and copy into the fields on the nomination form.

Before you submit your nomination, please make sure that you have told the volunteer that you want to nominate them, and/or their parents if they are under 16 years of age and that they are happy for you to submit their information.

See our terms & conditions of entry for more information.

Coronation Champions will be invited to attend one of the official Coronation celebrations, such as the Windsor Castle Coronation Concert or a Coronation Garden Party.

About the person you are nominating

I have notified the volunteer (or parent/guardian of the volunteer if under 16) I am nominating and they are happy for me to submit their information and for Royal Voluntary Service to contact them, should their nomination be successful.

We take the privacy of children seriously. If the nominee is aged 16 or under, and you are not the parent/guardian of the volunteer you are nominating, you must get parent/guardian’s permission before submitting the nomination and must provide their name and email address. If a nominee is chosen as a Coronation Champion, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to any celebratory events and any filming.

Email (or email of parent/guardian of the volunteer if they are under 16)

Phone number (or phone number of parent/guardian of the volunteer if they are under 16)

The Coronation Champions Awards will recognise a diverse group of volunteers from different backgrounds and communities across the UK from a range of causes. Help us to celebrate the amazing contributions volunteers have made by nominating a volunteer for a Coronation Champions Award.

We are calling for you to nominate volunteers over the age of 14 who may have overcome adversity or discovered creative ways to support their local communities within the last five years in one of the following categories:  

Advocates. Educators. Entrepreneurs. Health care providers. Community leaders. Women are tackling the world’s toughest problems with fierceness and fortitude, at times putting their bodies and safety at risk, to make positive change and push for a more equitable world.

  • Benefit from an exlusive interview in our band new women's magazine.

  • Align your brand with ewtvg Awards and promote an inclusive message to show  your support for gender equality.

  • Meet and connect with thought leaders, potential clients and and other stakeholders

Take your brand to the EveryWoman's Global Awards 2023 and enjoy the following benefits:


Be featured across our event promotions on all our platforms, including SKY Television Channel

Increasing your brand's visibility and gain potential clients

Request for our 2020 sponsorship package by emailing esther.enaw@artsfo

Do you know a Coronation Champion?


Join us in celebrating the nation’s volunteering spirit and nominate the volunteering heroes that you think deserve to be a Coronation Champion.

A total of 500 volunteers will be chosen as Coronation Champions and will receive a specially designed, official Coronation Champions pin and a signed certificate from Her Majesty The Queen Consort. There will also be opportunities for some of the Coronation Champions volunteers to attend one of the official Coronation celebrations, such as the Windsor Castle Coronation Concert or a Coronation Garden Party.

We want to celebrate a diverse range of volunteers.

Nominations are now open. Click the link below to tell us about your volunteering hero.


Nominate your Coronation Champion

The 5th annual d&i Leaders Global Forum will return to London on 16 & 17 May 2023!
We have limited opportunities to sponsor and exhibit. Click here if you are interested in sharing your work with hundreds of senior diversity, inclusion, HR and talent professionals at our 2023 in-person forum in May, London.


and being a sponsor is one of the best ways of supporting this important local event.
Leamington Business Awards is a non-profit making event. All sponsorship will be used to make the event a great experience for all involved. Any surplus funds will be used to support future events or donated to our chosen local charities for 2021.
Check out our sponsorship packages below. As usual, we’re putting every effort into giving our sponsors great value for money. Contact us to discuss your requirements.






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